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AAAA:  Ad-Umbro / Alinea / Alias / AisthetikosDuo

Four world premieres!

In 2021/2022 four world premieres will take place, coincidentally all compositions starting with the letter A.

Ad-Umbro (2021) was written for pan flute and orchestra. It will be performed by the world renowned pan flutist Matthijs Koene, together with NOSPR. It is one of the few existing compositions for pan flute and orchestra.

Alinea, written in 2021 for clarinet, piano and orchestra, will be performed by Roman Widaszek on clarinet, with Sinfonia Iuventus.

Alias is a brand new composition for woodwind quintet: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, to be performed by LutosAir Quintet.

AisthetikosDuo is a version of Aisthetikos (2019) for duo, with the great Bartlomiej Duś on saxophone and Magdalena Duś on piano.

Stunning performance of VAN... at Concertgebouw

On 1 July 2020 the brothers Lucas and Arthur Jussen performed a breathtaking concert at Concertgebouw Amsterdam. “In the work 'VAN...', written by the Polish Hanna Kulenty, the pianists forced a deep concentration of listening. The minimalist trance and the melancholy character came into the limelight. All in all a downright happening.” (Frederike Berntsen)

— “Incredible piece, incredible playing .. bravo!”
— “After such rapid-fire explosions, Kulenty's piece enables us to hear the music of silence -
      for  25 seconds. An eye-opening and ear-opening performance. Bravo!”
— “This could perfectly be the soundtrack of a movie”
— “Spectaculaire et magistral...”

Watch the performance by Lucas & Arthur Jussen here.