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Stunning performance of VAN... at Concertgebouw

On 1 July 2020 the brothers Lucas and Arthur Jussen performed a breathtaking concert at Concertgebouw Amsterdam. “In the work 'VAN...', written by the Polish Hanna Kulenty, the pianists forced a deep concentration of listening. The minimalist trance and the melancholy character came into the limelight. All in all a downright happening.” (Frederike Berntsen)

— “Incredible piece, incredible playing .. bravo!”
— “After such rapid-fire explosions, Kulenty's piece enables us to hear the music of silence -
      for  25 seconds. An eye-opening and ear-opening performance. Bravo!”
— “This could perfectly be the soundtrack of a movie”
— “Spectaculaire et magistral...”

Watch the performance by Lucas & Arthur Jussen here.